Vehicle, Refuse Collection, Automated Side Loader

General Information
BAVN ID: 29466
Event ID: EV00005344
Category: Commodity
Type: Request For Quote
Description: Quotations are requested for furnishing Los Angeles City annual requirements for
Vehicle, Refuse Collection as stipulated herein.

1. Emailed or faxed bids shall not be accepted. The Quotation should be enclosed in
a sealed envelope, showing the Quotation number in the lower left corner, and
addressed to the Los Angeles City Purchasing Agent, as indicated in the RFQ.

2. Bidders must download and submit required documents and also complete the
EBO and SDO Affidavits online.

3. Supplier shall obtain and maintain a Tax Registration Certificate (TRC)/Vendor
Registration Number (VRN) and all such required of it and shall not allow any such
certificates to be revoked or suspended while any contract is in effect.

Failure to comply may deem your bid non-responsive
Prime NAICS:
Sub NAICS: 336120: Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturing

* The current status is 'Closed'. The City is performing the technical evaluations of the bids/proposals that were submitted prior to the Bid Due date and time.
** There is an online Business Inclusion Outreach requirement. All outreach must be completed by 03/07/17 at 11:59 PM. No outreach will be allowed or considered on or after 03/08/17 12:00 AM.

Status: Closed *
Posted: 02/16/17
Outreach Due: 03/08/17 12:00 AM **
Bid Due: 03/22/17 1:00 PM
Summary Due: 03/23/17 4:30 PM

Dept: General Services
Name: Micaela Cabral
Phone: 213-978-3164


Date Title
03/11/17 RFQ EV00005344 Addendum 02
“Attachment C Specifications” document has been revised. Please refer to new document, Please refer to new document, “Attachment C REVISED Specifications,” dated 03/06/2017.

All other requirements, terms and conditions of the RFQ remain unchanged. Please return the addendum with your RFQ bid response. Questions regarding this RFQ shall be directed to Procurement Analyst as indicated on the RFQ.

03/02/17 RFQ EV00005344 Addendum 01
BIP outreach requirement has been modified from thirteen (13) to nine (9).

All other requirements, terms and conditions of the RFQ remain unchanged. Questions regarding this RFQ shall be directed to Procurement Analyst as indicated on the RFQ.


Date Location
at 1:00 PM
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Mandatory BIP conference

Interested bidders are encouraged to send in technical questions by email to by Monday, 02.27.2017.


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Scope of Work Documents Uploaded Size
01 RFQ EV00005344 EVENT DETAILS 02/16/17 4:06 PM 50.0 KB
02 RFQ EV00005344 ATTACHMENT C SPECIFICATIONS 02/15/17 3:46 PM 321.0 KB
13 RFQ EV00005344 Addendum 01 03/02/17 11:23 AM 101.0 KB
14 RFQ EV00005344 Addendum 02 03/11/17 11:32 AM 101.0 KB
15 RFQ EV00005344 Attachment C REVISED Specifications 03/11/17 11:33 AM 306.0 KB
Additional Documents Uploaded Size
03 RFQ EV00005344 BIDDER CHECK LIST 02/15/17 4:07 PM 46.0 KB
04 RFQ EV00005344 ATTACHMENT A 02/15/17 3:44 PM 46.0 KB
05 RFQ EV00005344 SIGNATURE PAGE 02/15/17 3:44 PM 86.0 KB
06 RFQ EV00005344 CRO BIDDER DOCUMENTS 02/15/17 3:44 PM 23.0 KB
07 RFQ EV00005344 CEC FORM 50 02/15/17 3:44 PM 206.0 KB
08 RFQ EV00005344 CEC FORM 55 02/15/17 3:46 PM 427.0 KB
09 RFQ EV00005344 SFPO CONTRACTOR CODE OF CONDUCT 02/15/17 3:46 PM 15.0 KB
10 RFQ EV00005344 BAVN COMPLIANCE DOCUMENTS 02/15/17 3:46 PM 280.0 KB
11 RFQ EV00005344 CITYWIDE REQUEST FOR QUOTES-BAVN BIP 02/15/17 3:46 PM 900.0 KB
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