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Here are the most recently posted opportunities with the City of Los Angeles

No. Opportunity ID Posted Bid Due Status
1. Uniforms, Flight
General Services
33072 4:27pm 04/03/18 Open
Water & Power
33073 3:41pm 04/04/18 Open
3. Sodium hypochlorite Mixer by Gas Mastrrr
General Services
33071 2:37pm 04/03/18 Open
4. Inspection, Calibration and Repair of GEM5000 Gas Analyzer
General Services
33070 2:37pm 04/03/18 Open
5. Equipment Maintenance CTF Bundle, AGFA
General Services
33069 10:57am 04/03/18 Open
6. Projector, Tripod and accessories
General Services
33068 10:07am 04/03/18 Open
7. Fall Protection System must meet OSHA Requirements
General Services
32888 9:57am 04/03/18 Amended
8. Epson Projector and Accessories
General Services
33067 9:37am 04/03/18 Open
9. LADWP Bond and Disclosure Counsel Request for Proposal
Attorney, Office of the City
33059 8:00am 04/06/18 Open
10. Parts, Asphalt Plant
General Services
32893 7:57am 04/03/18 Amended