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Featured Opportunities

Here are the most recently posted opportunities with the City of Los Angeles

No. Opportunity ID Posted Bid Due Status
1. Life Raft - Box Type
General Services
35302 12:21pm 12/13/18 Amended
2. Face Shield Replacement, LAPD
General Services
35301 12:21pm 12/13/18 Amended
3. LED Tactical Flashlight, LAPD
General Services
35300 12:21pm 12/13/18 Amended
4. Life Jackets
General Services
35299 12:21pm 12/13/18 Amended
5. Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel(ULSD)
General Services
35124 11:52am 12/27/18 Amended
Water & Power
35336 10:31am 12/14/18 Open
7. Container, Steel Front End Load
General Services
35335 10:21am 12/18/18 Open
8. Arch, Promotional Inflatable
General Services
35334 7:07am 12/13/18 Open
9. Hedge Trimmer, Accessories, and Safety Equipment, "Stihl"
General Services
35333 7:07am 12/13/18 Open
10. Handyworker Program
Housing and Community Investment
35232 6:00am 01/22/19 Open