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Here are the most recently posted opportunities with the City of Los Angeles

No. Opportunity ID Posted Bid Due Status
General Services
38920 5:19pm 01/28/20 Open
2. Test
Engineering Bureau, Public Works
38840 5:00pm 02/19/20 Open
3. TOS 114 - Anaheim Street Widening from Farragut Avenue to Dominguez Channel
Engineering Bureau, Public Works
38913 3:00pm 02/20/20 Open
4. GRYD Los Angeles Youth Diversion Program
Homeland Security and Public Safety, Mayor 's Office
38915 3:00pm 03/04/20 Open
5. TOS 115 - Alameda Street Widening from Anaheim Street to 300' S/O Pacific Coast Highway
Engineering Bureau, Public Works
38916 3:00pm 02/19/20 Open
6. CABLE, 34.5KV
Water & Power
38919 2:49pm 02/06/20 Open
7. Preventative Maintenance for Lab Sterilizer
General Services
38918 2:05pm 01/28/20 Open
8. Filter, Coalescer
General Services
38917 2:05pm 01/28/20 Open
9. Seating, Ergonomic & Conference Room
General Services
38488 1:49pm 02/05/20 Amended
10. Process Air Compressor Repair, Dresser-Rand
General Services
38909 9:06am 01/30/20 Amended