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Here are the most recently posted opportunities with the City of Los Angeles

No. Opportunity ID Posted Bid Due Status
1. As-Needed, Haul Truck Program for Independent Truck Owner-Operators (Sole Proprietors)
Street Services Bureau, Public Works
39276 7:00pm 03/13/20 Open
2. Request for Information (RFI) Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Program (STAP)
Street Services Bureau, Public Works
39274 5:00pm 03/31/20 Open
3. Pine Tree Wind Power Plant Access Road Repair and Improvements - IFB 128113
Water & Power
39275 5:00pm 03/30/20 Open
4. Moyno Shaft Kit No Subs/Alternates
General Services
39271 3:21pm 03/03/20 Open
5. Request for Proposals for LAX First Source Hiring Program
Airports, Los Angeles World
39261 3:00pm 04/07/20 Open
6. Moyno Rotor & Lockwasher No Subs/Alternates
General Services
39270 2:50pm 03/03/20 Open
7. Moyno Screw Socket, O-Rings, Slinger, Stator No Subs/Alts
General Services
39269 2:50pm 03/03/20 Open
8. Homa Submersible Pump
General Services
39268 2:50pm 03/03/20 Open
Water & Power
39273 2:33pm 03/18/20 Open
10. Nitrogen, Size 200, 6 pack
General Services
39267 2:19pm 03/04/20 Open