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Here are the most recently posted opportunities with the City of Los Angeles

No. Opportunity ID Posted Bid Due Status
1. System, Dual Police Lights & Bracket, "ABPS"
General Services
35303 3:51pm 12/13/18 Amended
2. Bicycle, Electric, Fat Tire, Monster E S, "Bulls"
General Services
35351 3:36pm 12/18/18 Open
3. Windshield Replacement for Armored Vehicle, 'Armormax'
General Services
35349 2:21pm 12/18/18 Open
4. Flow Module, Sensors, Mounting Plate, Mfr: Teledyne Isco
General Services
35320 12:36pm 12/18/18 Amended
5. Service, Lab Equipment, "Steris"
General Services
35312 11:36am 12/13/18 Amended
6. Rescue Disinfectant
General Services
35346 11:36am 12/18/18 Open
7. Chlorine Hypochlorite, Granular Form, 65% Chlorine 100lb tub
General Services
35311 11:21am 12/18/18 Amended
8. EXO2 Sonde, Handheld Display, Turbidity Std, Mfr: Xylem
General Services
35307 11:21am 12/18/18 Amended
9. Duo Unity Essential Plan, Mfr: ThermoFisher
General Services
35286 11:21am 12/18/18 Amended
10. Gases - Helium, Nitrogen, Air Zero Grade
General Services
35239 11:21am 12/18/18 Amended