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LADWP – New Regulation for Procurement of Cyber Assets and Services

Effective October 1, 2020, LADWP is required to comply with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standard-013. Pursuant to the CIP-013 Standard and LADWP’s CIP-013 Supply Chain Cyber Security Risk Management Plan, LADWP must implement changes to its procurement process and prequalify vendors that participate in bidding opportunities for the procurement of cyber assets, equipment, software, or services supporting the Bulk Electric System. Additional information on the new regulation including how to get prequalified by LADWP is provided at:

Featured Opportunities

Here are the most recently posted opportunities with the City of Los Angeles

No. Opportunity ID Posted Bid Due Status
1. As-Needed Appliance Repairs
Housing Authority, City of Los Angeles
40984 10/21/20
6:00 pm
11/04/20 Open
2. Strategic Plan Consultant Services
Fire and Police Pensions
41004 10/21/20
5:00 pm
11/11/20 Open
3. Service, Preventative, Microscopes, Various
General Services
40993 10/21/20
3:21 pm
10/27/20 Amended
4. Spring, Assembly, Scraper, Mfr.: Headworks
General Services
40977 10/21/20
2:06 pm
10/22/20 Amended
5. Remote Station
General Services
41001 10/21/20
1:35 pm
10/27/20 Open
Water & Power
41002 10/21/20
12:26 pm
11/12/20 Open
7. Sleeve Shaft, Mfr. :SIHI
General Services
40999 10/21/20
10:50 am
10/27/20 Open
8. Community Engagement Worker
Housing Authority, City of Los Angeles
40986 10/21/20
10:00 am
11/23/20 Open
9. Ornamental Fencing Installation, Maintenance, and/or Repairs
Recreation and Parks
40987 10/21/20
7:00 am
12/08/20 Open
10. At-Risk Affordable Housing Tenant Outreach and Education Services RFP
Housing and Community Investment
40979 10/21/20
6:00 am
12/16/20 Open