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Here are the most recently posted opportunities with the City of Los Angeles

No. Opportunity ID Posted Bid Due Status
1. Request for Proposals for Operation and Management of LAX FLYAWAY® Service For LAWA
Airports, Los Angeles World
41490 7:00pm 03/26/21 Open
2. 7th Street Streetscape Improvements – Package 1
Engineering Bureau, Public Works
41466 5:00pm 03/02/21 Open
3. Youth Adaptive Sports and Fitness Program
Recreation and Parks
41486 4:00pm 04/08/21 Open
4. Kit, Hygiene (Bulk)
General Services
41489 1:05pm 01/21/21 Open
5. Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Stand Alone, Mobile
General Services
41488 11:19am 01/26/21 Open
Water & Power
41487 8:06am 01/28/21 Open
7. Charger, TruDefender Battery
General Services
41484 7:06am 01/20/21 Open
8. Environmental Impact Analysis and Special Studies
Recreation and Parks
41482 7:00am 03/17/21 Open
9. RFQ: Economic Analysis Services
41483 6:00am 03/16/21 Open
10. Document Scanning Services
Housing Authority, City of Los Angeles
41477 01/14/21
5:00 pm
02/17/21 Open