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Here are the most recently posted opportunities with the City of Los Angeles

No. Opportunity ID Posted Bid Due Status
1. 117-095 Supply and Delivery of Four (4) SUV's for Airport Police Department at Los Angeles International Airport
Airports, Los Angeles World
32376 5:00pm 02/22/18 Open
2. Two (2) IPad Mini 4's
General Services
32375 4:46pm 01/29/18 Open
3. Camera and Accessories
General Services
32374 4:46pm 01/29/18 Open
4. Suretherm PRO 1x Pivot Induction Heater by Ludeca
General Services
32372 3:46pm 01/30/18 Open
5. Inlet Damper for New York Blower Fan
General Services
32371 3:36pm 01/30/18 Open
Water & Power
32373 2:39pm 02/12/18 Open
7. C Channel Flight Assembly and Chain
General Services
32370 1:06pm 01/30/18 Open
8. Investigation Services
Harbor Department, Port of Los Angeles
32369 12:00pm 02/15/18 Open
9. System 2020 & system 284 Controller and Probe by YSI
General Services
32368 11:36am 01/30/18 Amended
10. Request for power supply, controller and heater
General Services
32284 11:06am 01/25/18 Amended