Truck, Pick Up, Chevrolet Colorado

General Information
BAVN ID: 30005
Event ID: EV00005456
Category: Commodity
Type: Request For Quote
Description: This is a Request for Quote on a One-Time Purchase for Truck, Pick Up, Chevrolet Colorado, in accordance with the specifications stipulated herein.

Bidding online is not available for this RFQ.

Prospective bidders must download all City of Los Angeles required documents and also complete the Slavery Disclosure Ordinance Affidavit online.

Analyst will check LABAVN for compliance with these requirements prior to award.

Failure to comply may deem your bid non-responsive.
NAICS: 441110: New Car Dealers

* The current status is 'Closed'. The City is performing the technical evaluations of the bids/proposals that were submitted prior to the Bid Due date and time.
No meetings scheduled

Status: Closed *
Posted: 04/19/17
Bid Due: 04/24/17 1:00 PM

Dept: General Services
Name: Micaela Cabral
Phone: 213-978-3164


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01 RFQ EV00005456 EVENT DETAILS 04/19/17 4:24 PM 38.0 KB
02 RFQ EV00005456 ATTACHMENT C SPECIFICATIONS 04/19/17 4:26 PM 589.0 KB
Additional Documents Uploaded Size
03 RFQ EV00005456 BIDDER CHECK LIST 04/19/17 4:24 PM 117.0 KB
04 RFQ EV00005456 ATTACHMENT A 04/19/17 4:24 PM 86.0 KB
05 RFQ EV00005456 SIGNATURE PAGE 04/19/17 4:24 PM 23.0 KB
06 RFQ EV00005456 CRO BIDDER DOCUMENTS 04/19/17 4:24 PM 301.0 KB
07 RFQ EV00005456 CEC FORM 50 04/19/17 4:24 PM 441.0 KB
08 RFQ EV00005456 CEC FORM 55 04/19/17 4:26 PM 427.0 KB
09 RFQ EV00005456 BAVN COMPLIANCE DOCUMENTS 04/19/17 4:26 PM 280.0 KB