117-075 - 117-075 Supply and Delivery of 60-foot, Articulating, Zero-Emission, Battery-Electric Buses for Los Angeles International Airport

General Information
BAVN ID: 31541
Category: Commodity
Type: Request For Bid
Description: In compliance with the bid terms and conditions, the attached specifications and bidder’s worksheet. LAWA intends to purchase the supply and delivery of 60-foot, Articulating, Zero-Emission, Battery-Electric Buses for Los Angeles International Airport. No guarantee can be given that the quantities stated in the RFB will be reached or exceeded. See additional specifications, instructions and provisions in the RFB. Bid must be submitted on forms furnished by the LAWA Procurement Division on the www.labavn.org website (registration required). Bids not delivered prior to bid closing time may be rejected. Responses sent by any form of US-Mail should be sent at least 5 days prior to bid closing.
NAICS: 336320: Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing

* The current status is 'Closed'. The City is performing the technical evaluations of the bids/proposals that were submitted prior to the Bid Due date and time.

Status: Closed *
Posted: 10/20/17
Bid Due: 03/15/18 2:00 PM

Dept: Airports, Los Angeles World
Name: Jacques Braziel
Email: jbraziel@lawa.org
Phone: 424-646-7392


Date Title
03/08/18 Addendum #7
LAWA's Response for Request for Clarification

02/21/18 ADDENDUM #6
Name of title has been changed, Revised worksheet 2-21-18, Revised request for Bid 2-21-18, Revised Specs 2-20-18 and Questions and Answers

02/02/18 ADDENDUM #5
New due date. Questions and answers.

01/24/18 ADDENDUM #4
New due date

12/07/17 Addendum #3
New due date.

11/17/17 Addendum #2
New due date.

10/25/17 ADDENDUM NO.1
Bid title has been changed


Date Location
at 10:00 AM
Procurement Services Division 4th Floor
7301 World Way West
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Persons attending this non mandatory pre bid conference must show valid government issued photo I.D for admittance. Please see map in bid for directions and parking.


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Scope of Work Documents Uploaded Size
117-075 .pdf 10/20/17 1:47 PM 4.08 MB
117-075 Worksheet Revised 2-21-18.xls 02/21/18 12:47 PM 44.0 KB
117-075 worksheet.xls 10/20/17 1:48 PM 34.0 KB
Additional Documents Uploaded Size
117-075 Bid Recap .pdf 04/10/18 8:31 AM 14.0 KB
117-075 Addendum No.1.pdf 10/25/17 4:35 PM 20.0 KB
117-075 Addendum No.2.pdf 11/17/17 3:09 PM 16.0 KB
117-075 Addendum No.3.pdf 12/07/17 11:19 AM 18.0 KB
117-075 Addendum No.4.pdf 01/24/18 8:34 AM 19.0 KB
117-075 Addendum No.5.pdf 02/02/18 2:35 PM 79.0 KB
117-075 Addendum No.6.pdf 02/21/18 12:46 PM 23.0 KB
117-075 Addendum No.7.pdf 03/08/18 4:27 PM 54.0 KB
117-075 Questions and Answers.pdf 02/21/18 12:46 PM 1.04 MB
117-075 Request for Bid Revised 2-21-18.pdf 02/21/18 12:46 PM 388.0 KB
117-075 Specs Revised 2-20-18.pdf 02/21/18 12:46 PM 880.0 KB
No Bid 117-075.pdf 10/20/17 1:47 PM 170.0 KB