Youth and Young Adult System Support Services

General Information
BAVN ID: 33503
Category: Personal Services
Type: Request For Qualification (on-call/as needed)
Description: This RFQ solicits proposals from organizations that have demonstrated ability in providing one or more of the three YouthSource system services described in Section 3 - The Youth and Young Adult System Services. Successful proposers will be placed on a pre-qualified list of service providers that will be eligible to subcontract with YouthSource Centers or with the City of Los Angeles (City) for the delivery of services on an as-needed basis. Qualified proposers may also be selected to partner with a YouthSource Center or with the City in the submission of grant applications.

Please refer to the first document for more information.
NAICS: 561311: Employment Placement Agencies
561499: All Other Business Support Services
561990: All Other Support Services
611710: Educational Support Services
624110: Child and Youth Services
923110: Administration of Education Programs
923130: Administration of Human Resource Programs (except Education, Public Health, and Veterans' Affairs Programs)

* The current status is 'Amended'. The City has made a change to the contracting opportunity for which it is currently accepting bids/proposals.

Status: Amended *
Posted: 05/07/18
Bid Due: 05/30/18 5:00 PM

Dept: Economic and Workforce Development
Name: Chris Rajapakse
Phone: 213-744-7175


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The portal is now live for submissions:


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