2020MPS004 - Mail Processing Services

General Information
BAVN ID: 39696
Category: Personal Services
Type: Request For Proposal
Description: The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety invites proposals from firms interested in creating, imaging, post-processing and mailing documents by converting raw data into finished mail pieces and delivering them to the U.S. Post Office. Contractor will utilize templates in defining form overlays and use data transmitted from the City to create forms and image the data. Contractor will then print the forms and insert them into envelopes of varying sizes and deliver the prepared pieces to the U.S. Post Office for mailing.
Prime NAICS: 323120: Support Activites for Printing
561110: Office Administrative Services
561410: Document Preparation Services
561431: Private Mail Centers
561439: Other Business Service Centers (including Copy Shops)
Sub NAICS: 323111: Commercial Printing (except Screen and Books)

* The current status is 'Closed'. The City is performing the technical evaluations of the bids/proposals that were submitted prior to the Bid Due date and time.
** There is an online Business Inclusion Outreach requirement. All outreach must be completed by 06/10/20 at 11:59 PM. No outreach will be allowed or considered on or after 06/11/20 12:00 AM.

Status: Closed *
Posted: 05/07/20
Outreach Due: 06/11/20 12:00 AM**
Bid Due: 06/25/20 10:00 AM
Summary Due: 06/26/20 4:30 PM

Dept: BuildingĀ and Safety
Name: Somapun Pongquan Sievek
Email: somapun.pongquan@lacity.org


Date Title
06/19/20 Addendum No.2 - Revision to RFP 2020MPS004 Sections 4.1.12 and 4.5
Addendum No.2 posted, revisions to RFP 2020MPS004 Sections 4.1.12 and 4.5 to add an option to submit proposals electronically via email.

06/04/20 Exhibit 5 - Proposer Cost Form, RFP Questions and Answers as of 6/4/20, Conference Attendance List, and Conference Presentation.
Addendum #1 posted, including revised Exhibit 5 - Proposer Cost Form, Questions and Answers through 6/4/20, the Proposer Conference Attendance List, and the Proposer Conference PowerPoint presentation.


Date Location
at 10:00 AM
Virtual Conference
See RFP Section 4.4 for Virtual Conference Requirements
Los Angeles, CA 90012

A mandatory Proposers Conference will be held as a virtual meeting via web conference. Access information for the virtual conference will be provided via email upon RSVP to LADBS.ASD@lacity.org by 10:00 a.m. on 5/27/20.


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Scope of Work Documents Uploaded Size
2020MPS004 Request for Proposals 05/06/20 11:25 AM 341.0 KB
Appendix 1 - Scope of Work 05/06/20 1:53 PM 114.0 KB
Appendix 2 - RFP Schedule 05/06/20 11:22 AM 67.0 KB
Additional Documents Uploaded Size
Attachments 1-19 05/06/20 11:26 AM 3.70 MB
Exhibit 1 - RFP Checklist for RFP 2020MPS004 05/05/20 4:29 PM 27.0 KB
Exhibit 2 - General Information Form for RFP 2020MPS004 05/05/20 4:29 PM 42.0 KB
Exhibit 3 - Narrative Response Form for RFP 2020MPS004 05/05/20 4:29 PM 36.0 KB
Exhibit 4 - Proposer References Form for RFP 2020MPS004 05/05/20 4:29 PM 18.0 KB
Exhibit 5 - Proposer Cost Form (Revised 060420) for RFP 2020MPS004 06/04/20 4:57 PM 18.0 KB
Exhibit 6 - Additional Information Form for RFP 2020MPS004 05/05/20 4:35 PM 30.0 KB
RFP 2020MPS004 Addendum 1 06/04/20 5:00 PM 154.0 KB
RFP 2020MPS004 Addendum 2 06/19/20 8:08 AM 72.0 KB
RFP 2020MPS004 Proposer Attendance List 052820 06/04/20 5:00 PM 72.0 KB
RFP 2020MPS004 Proposer Conference Presentation 052820 06/04/20 5:00 PM 2.02 MB
RFP 2020MPS004 Q&A as of 060420 06/04/20 5:00 PM 112.0 KB
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