2020AKS007 - Apache Kafka Solutions

General Information
BAVN ID: 39928
Category: Personal Services
Type: Request For Proposal
Description: LADBS is seeking professional implementation, configuration, and support services for the implementation and on-going support of an Apache Kafka Solution (“AKS” or “Solution”) to be used in the BuildLA project. The goal of the BuildLA project is to streamline and improve the efficiency of the City’s development review processes. The City is currently working on one part of the BuildLA project, which aims to provide land use and development customers with a one-stop virtual platform for Development Services. The AKS will be used to send and receive data from multiple City departments, which is a foundational component for the BuildLA project.
Prime NAICS: 518210: Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
519130: Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals
541511: Custom Computer Programming Services
541512: Computer Systems Design Services
541513: Computer Facilities Management Services
541519: Other Computer Related Services
541618: Other Management Consulting Services
541690: Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541990: All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
811212: Computer and Office Machine Repair and Maintenance
Sub NAICS: 511210: Software Publishers
519190: All Other Information Services

* The current status is 'Amended'. The City has made a change to the contracting opportunity for which it is currently accepting bids/proposals.
** There is an online Business Inclusion Outreach requirement. All outreach must be completed by 08/12/20 at 11:59 PM. No outreach will be allowed or considered on or after 08/13/20 12:00 AM.

Status: Amended *
Posted: 06/18/20
Outreach Due: 08/13/20 12:00 AM**
Bid Due: 08/27/20 10:00 AM
Summary Due: 08/28/20 4:30 PM

Dept: Building and Safety
Name: Somapun Pongquan Sievek
Email: somapun.pongquan@lacity.org


Date Title
07/16/20 Addendum No.1 – Extension of Submission Deadline, Q&A Posting, Proposers Conference Attendance List and Proposers Conference Presentation
Addendum No.1 posted, including a revised Appendix 2 – RFP Schedule; the RFP Questions and Answers (“Q&A”) document through July 16, 2020; the Proposers Conference Attendance List; and the Proposers Conference PowerPoint Presentation. Please note: due to the large number of questions received prior to and during the Proposers Conference, not all questions could be answered at this time. Due to the delay in answering all questions in the Q&A document, the City will be extending the proposal deadline for this opportunity. Please see the revised Appendix 2, RFP Schedule, to reflect an extension of the proposal due date to August 27, 2020 and other related dates.


Date Location
at 10:00 AM
Virtual Conference
See RFP Section 4.4 for Virtual Conference Requirements
Los Angeles, CA 90012

A mandatory Proposers Conference will be held as a virtual meeting via web conference. You must pre-register for the conference at https://tinyurl.com/2020AKS007


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Appendix 1 - 2020AKS007 Scope of Work 06/17/20 2:02 PM 128.0 KB
Appendix 2 - 2020AKS007 RFP Schedule 06/17/20 2:10 PM 66.0 KB
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Exhibit 1 - 2020AKS007 RFP Checklist 06/17/20 2:05 PM 27.0 KB
Exhibit 2 - 2020AKS007 General Information Form 06/17/20 2:05 PM 42.0 KB
Exhibit 3 - 2020AKS007 Narrative Response Form 06/17/20 2:05 PM 44.0 KB
Exhibit 4 - 2020AKS007 Proposer References Form 06/17/20 2:05 PM 19.0 KB
Exhibit 5 - 2020AKS007 Cost of Work Form 06/17/20 2:05 PM 13.0 KB
Exhibit 6 - 2020AKS007 Hourly Labor Rates 06/17/20 2:07 PM 12.0 KB
Exhibit 7 - 2020AKS007 Additional Information Form 06/17/20 2:07 PM 30.0 KB
RFP 2020AKS007 Addendum 1 071620.pdf 07/16/20 2:14 PM 141.0 KB
RFP 2020AKS007 Proposer Conference Attendance List 070920.pdf 07/16/20 2:14 PM 79.0 KB
RFP 2020AKS007 Proposer Conference Presentation 070920.pdf 07/16/20 2:14 PM 1.83 MB
RFP 2020AKS007 Q&A as of 071620.pdf 07/16/20 2:14 PM 92.0 KB
RFP 2020AKS007 Q&A as of 073020 07/30/20 3:45 PM 93.0 KB
RFP 2020AKS007 Q&A as of 073120 07/31/20 11:52 AM 54.0 KB
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